Some of my favourite phrases – especially at Christmas...

Now this is my favourite time of year in many ways, but not until 23rd when I finally get to shut the kitchen door. There is quite simply nothing nicer than putting the ‘wood in the hole’ with a “tally ho – see you next year” kind of vibe.

However, the lead up to Christmas – well it all gets rather tense (understatement). Anyone who works in this kinda industry will understand the bone weary end of the day feeling (and the day may well carry on) … It’s that time of year you see.

So I’ve put together a list of ‘gifts’ for the baker in your life – they won’t cost anything but a bit of (gratefully received) effort …

Would you like a cuppa?

This is my personal favourite. Very very rarely am I ever heard to turn a cup of brew down (I’m rather partial to early grey – Shop – Williamson Tea) but possibly rarer still is having the time to stop and make it! Well I do I guess but once you’re on a ‘roll’.

Can I fetch you a pair of socks?

Now I appreciate that this may seem really odd but I get the most painfully cold heels! Really. When I get up in the morning, I schlep downstairs to the kitchen – it’s typically 3.30 am / 4 am and the heating isn’t on – I never remember to put socks on. The other thing I’m keen on is working with the front door wide open. I just can’t work in an airless place. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is the door will be gaping. Typically, the house wakes up about 7.30 by which time I’m frozzled and socks are very welcome. I have a lovely warm pair of bed socks I wear in my slippers – lovely Vix bought them for me – cashmere … from the white company. 

The White Company

Let me get that for you?

Working at home sounds like a wonderful idea but, in reality, my kitchen is tiny. So frequently I am found running up & down between the kitchen and the outhouse I have at the top of the garden. As I forgotten something in the freezer or the fridge or a baking tin etc, tiptoeing across the plants with torch in hand. Every now and then my mum says “let me get that for you?”

Should I empty your bowl?

I have a bowl in which I keep all my rubbish for sorting before it goes out for composting, recycling or even in the bin. It probably gets filled up 4 or 5 times a day and needs emptying – no big deal – but the words that are magic in my house are all about ditching and sorting the rubbish.

Oh, I’ll wrap those..

There are SO many cakes, puddings, biscotti, shortbread, dog biscuits etc to be wrapped up for Christmas sales … that anyone offering to get some packed and tied with a bow are very welcome.

We’ll make dinner

Now this is my absolute favourite – found rarely in my house but probably the next time I will hear it (may be the only time this year) is Christmas day. I shall feign sleep on the sofa – “let’s us do dinner and leave ‘her’ to it …”

These words are music to my ears – the truth is I really wouldn’t care if it was beans on toast – but usually there’s a joint ready to be cooked with veggies and some spuds to go in – my family always come up with the goods and as I lay (pretending to sleep) …

Shall I run a bath for you?

Aka – you’re a smelly little devil can I help you wash off some of the day’s doings? A bath is restorative in every way – I wash off the days baking – not a bad smell to be honest but I’ve been working in it all day and I feel so much better (and warmer too) and I reckon I smell sweeter too.

Merry Christmas x

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